Our past articles on Boston Dynamics have included a Wildcat and a BigDog. Yesterday the company released a video of Atlas, their robot that is decidedly more humanoid in design. Atlas is bipedal, walking upright on two legs, which leaves the arms free to lift and move objects. Atlas walks with a grace and ease that we don’t normally expect from robots, even over rough terrain. It really is fascinating to watch.

The Atlas robot was announced in 2013, and you can still see the previous test video online. It’s amazing to see the contrast, and how far the humanoid robot has advanced in just a few years time. When the video for the newest Atlas starts, it walks out next to its predecessor and you can see the size difference. This new version of Atlas is about 5′ 9″ tall and weighs 180 pounds, a significant weight difference from the original at 330 pounds.

A humanoid robot that can be described as agile is something we have not seen before. It will be exciting to see how this project develops.


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