It’s been said that if it exists, there is hip-hop of it.

Okay, it’s only been said once. Here.  Just above. but we promise you you’re going to love this. It’s a Star Wars battle from an alternate universe. Darth Perfectus is the creation of hip-hop artist Ambush Vin. It’s part of a concept album called SciFiMusic.

In this story, Ambush Vin has been sent from the Time Dimension to replace the Sith Lord Darth Prefectus, who had been trained by none other than Darth Vader himself. He’s investigating  mysterious disappearances within the Multiversal Continuity, but there is an assassin tracking Prefectus. Subtilis, the Mastigi Assassin who was sent to destroy him on Earth, has been following the Higgs particle signature of Ambush Vin’s wormhole.

This video is full of light sabers and Force lightning, and while it’s a little light on Star Wars imagery otherwise, it’s well shot and presented, and the music is frankly pretty great (Don’t worry, it’s definitely SFW.)  The video itself was shot and edited by Scrap Paper Films.

While you’re watching, remember to temporarily pause the Krypton Radio player in the upper right so you don’t get crosstalk while you’re trying to enjoy the video.

Ambush Vin is one of those performers who is so bursting with creativity that this creativity expresses itself in every way possible. The adventures of Ambush Vin are also a comic book, and an eBook. Get the comic book that shows how it all started! The answer to who the Piereus are and what the Time Dimension is can be found in the free digital comic, Pre-Cosmic The eBook is called The Mastigical Solution, which goes even deeper into the SciFIMusic story. This book is free at the SciFi Vin web site.

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Opening Credits contains excerpt of Star Wars Theme composed by John Williams and Performed by London Symphony Orchestra.

You can also download the entire ScifiMusic album for free (a donation is encouraged):


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