What makes a game great? Well, gameplay, obviously, but what matters as much is the story. The game has to make some kind of sense or the combat means nothing. Sometimes that story is simply, “fight or die”, and on a simple level that’s often good enough. Blizzard is planning on hitting one completely out of the park, though, with the long-anticipated team shooter Overwatch. Their animation department, heavily laden with talent from the splintering of the local motion picture CG industry here in Los Angeles, has come up with a brilliant short that puts some background to their storyline. It’s about the team leader, a hyper-evolved, hyper-intelligent golden-eyed gorilla named Winston, and we love not only the action, adventure and mystery of this piece, we love the message too: “Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be.”

Because of the way this short is titled, we can assume that there will be more animated shorts. If they wanted to make a feature motion picture out of this concept, they could very obviously, easily, do it.

Overwatch opens up for open beta between May 5-9 on the X-Box.  The game itself becomes available on May 25, 2016.