Supergirl’s red cape billowed in the wind as she flew forward, the Flash bolted alongside her, his signature yellow lightning streaked behind him. Exchanging a friendly smile, these two heroes of their prospective TV shows teamed up against the vicious Silver Banshee and wicked Livewire, in a fun and lighthearted crossover event on the most recent episode of Supergirl on CBS titled Worlds Finest.

supergirl-2-3Throughout the whole episode, you can tell the adorable star Melissa Benoist (Supergirl/Kara Danvers) and special guest star, the charming Grant Gustin (The Flash/Barry Allen) really enjoyed working alongside each other. There is an optimistic, tongue-in-cheek atmosphere they bring to the entire episode, and never take themselves too seriously.

Following the events of the season so far, the relationship between Kara Danvers and photographer Jimmy Olsen (the delightful Mehcad Brooks) began to blossom. But, that is put on hold by not only the emergence of a personal threat to Kara, but also by the appearance of Barry Allen, who has arrived from an alternate universe as the Flash.

melissa-benoist-mehcad-brooks-grant-gustin-supergirl-worlds-finest-500x315Kara introduces Barry to Jimmy and Winn Schott (the lovable nerdy Jeremy Jordan), the characters and their respective actors hitting it off right away. Throughout the whole episode as Kara and Barry, or Supergirl and Flash, Benoist and Gustin have great on-screen chemistry together. This is definitely aided by both characters being bubbly and optimistic, as are the universes they both inhabit.

As both Supergirl and The Flash are executive produced by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, there are all sorts of winks and nods that are sure to delight fans. The entire episode makes all sorts of references to the DC Comics lore and tropes existing within the superhero genre.

For example, the Flash comments on how even the bad guys on this Earth hide in abandoned warehouses, and of course the basic premise of superheroes teaming up for the greater good and supervillains for a common enemy. The Flash TV show has already made use of traveling between universes, as well in the comics when Barry traveled to an alternate Earth and first met Jay Garrick, the original Flash. In that storyline, they teamed up together, very similar to this episode.

As previously stated, this episode is Siobhan Smythe’s (the lovely Italia Ricci) tragic downfall into her supervillain destiny as the Silver Banshee, who is the nemesis of Supergirl in the comics. The Silver Banshee first appeared in Action Comics #595 (1987). Her diabolical partner Livewire (the fantastic Brit Morgan) first appeared in an episode of Superman: The Animated Series (1997), before making her official comic appearance in Superman Adventures #5 (1997).

Action_Comics_595 silverbanshee Superman_Adventures_Vol_1_5 livewire

The title of this episode “Worlds Finest” comes from Worlds Finest, a very long running series featuring team-ups between DC Comics superheroes. One of the most famous team-ups are that of Superman and the Flash, and their race against each other. That is referenced in the episode itself, as well as a promotional photo released on social media.

worldsfinest poster

One of Supergirl and Flash’s first crossovers in the comics was in Super-Team Family #11 (1977) where they battled T.O. Morrow, the creator of the Red Tornado. Morrow and the Red Tornado both appeared this season on Supergirl in the episode called “Red Faced.” In a darker and more tragic storyline, both Supergirl and the Flash sacrificed their lives to save the multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths (1986). More recently, the Flash and Supergirl were together in Supergirl #16 (2013), where the two had more of a tumultuous encounter, as Supergirl was being misled by an evil alien called H’el.


This encounter, however, was a hit. Both Supergirl and the Flash will continue their adventures on their respective television shows, but talks of another potential crossover episode have already begun. Based on his Twitter, we’re guessing Gustin would be open to the idea of returning to shoot in Los Angeles.