One of the most thrilling things about the spaceships in Star Wars was imagining that you were at the controls, dodging asteroids, laser bolts and incoming TIE fighters, trying to hold it steady so that that proton torpedo would slip down that two meter exhaust port to destroy the Deathstar and save the Rebellion.  The games Star Wars: Rebel Assault I + II were first published for DOS starting in 1993, and the world adored them.

Now you can relive those great moments behind the stick of your own X-Wing thanks to their rerelease as Windows-compatible games on Steam.

In Star Wars: Rebel Assault I + IIyou play the role of Rookie One, a new pilot eager to test his or her mettle against the empire. These one is an arcade shooter, where your viewpoint is carried along for you, freeing you to do all the targeting and gun work.

In Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3Dyou have control over the ships themselves, flying them through various combat scenarios and taking out Imperial Walkers, ground troops, probe droids and TIE fighters on mission after mission.

These great games are a blast from the past, very retro, and very cheap. Star Wars: Rebel Assault I + II are sold as a bundle, and cost $9.99. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D is listed separately, but at the same price.

Have fun reliving your childhood, and may the Force be with you!