The original game Doom came from id Software in 1993. It was groundbreaking. It was one of the first first-person shooters. It was one of the first 3D game engines, ever. It was the first game to feature networked multiplayer gameplay, and the first to support player-created mods or levels. It did all this before the dawn of hardware accelerated 3D graphics. That fact is why it’s been possible to port Doom not only to every gaming platform ever, but to things like Kodak cameras, to everything from wristwatches and player pianos. Since its initial release, the series has spawned numerous sequels, expansion packs, and a film.

What a difference 23 years can make.

In this new version,  you play a solder dropped on what is presumably Mars, sent to clean out an infestation of some of the most horrific creatures you can imagine. They’re all the same familiar characters, but modern technology and the ability of modern digital artists and animators bring them to a new, terrifying level.

The original game had the ability to make you jump in panic as you explored some of the dark rooms, with sudden death you knew was lurking around every corner. This new one will have you peeing your pants with the lights on.

Doom premieres May 17, but you can preorder now.