British born Colin Furze is one of the most creative thinkers in the world of makers. He’s also one of the most gonzo engineers we’ve ever seen, building some of the most dangerous things imaginable and then operating them with no more safety equipment than a shirt and tie. If there’s a solid definition of mad science, Furze would fit the description to a tee.

He has made pulse jet propulsion systems for a number of vehicles that really shouldn’t have them, such as a0 go-kart and a bicycle.  built several pulsejet-powered vehicles (pulsejet is the kind of motor that propelled german V1 missiles during WW2), including a go-kart and a bike. He’s also built  hidden blade and rope launchers from Assassin’s Creed that actually work,  fully automatic Wolverine claws (which unfortunately require a backpack and air tanks to operate), and a means of removing one’s socks via rocket launcher

Thermite is an aluminum iron oxide compound discovered at the end of the 19th century. Once lit, it burns at about 4,000°F, which is hot enough to chew its way throw pretty much anything, including metal and glass. Colin makes his own thermite grenades. The launcher lights the thermite, then Colin uses the launcher to fling the thermite a safe distance away at his target, which then suffers the consequences so that Colin doesn’t (failure to launch the thermite grenade after lighting it would probably destroy the weapon).  He has not only built an insane weapon, he also took the time to mount a small camera in the charging chamber so we can see what’s going on inside when he uses it.

The thermite launcher makes short work of anything Colin fires it at, but he makes a point of choosing some incendiary targets for extra fun factor. At the end of the video you’ll see some of his other awesomely dangerous, reckless inventions.

One final word: don’t try this at home if you want to live.