After checking out the first twelve-ish minute episode of “A Fox In Space”, I totally thought I was watching something made by Nintendo’s PR department, hot on the heels of the new Nintendo Star Fox games.  This video has some serious style to it, taking influences from stuff like ’70 Saturday Morning Television and the more recent Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. More after the jump.

(Editor’s note: this video may contain some language NSFW. You have been warned.)

Even though you’d think this video you just watched is by someone well “established” in the industry, it’s not. It’s the work of Matthew Gafford. Now, if the animation wasn’t impressive enough he also wrote the script, edited it himself, directed it, and even was the co-writer for the soundtrack along with doing most of the video acting.

This video invokes feelings of nostalgia for my Super Nintendo and makes me want to fire up my Wii to play some StarFox 64 and hear the phrase “Do a barrel roll!” until I wanna shoot that damned Peppy Hare.

If you like this work and want to support Matthew, he has a patreon you can check out here. Let’s hope that Nintendo doesn’t throw the legal banhammer at someone who respects their source material and IPs as much as he does.