There’s a day for everything. Today is National Superhero Day, a day when we celebrate the heroes of both fiction and real life.  Superheroes are our modern mythology. They are us, only bigger and stronger, smarter and faster. They do the things we wish we could, and inspire us to do better than we have done, and be better than we have been.

Superhero Day was founded in 1995 by interns at Marvel Comics, who donned capes and went out into the world to ask people who their favorite super power was. Since then, the day has been used as a rallying point for charities and fans alike.

Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts. No need to show up in costume. Buy a dozen glazed, and get a second dozen for free to give away to the heroes in your life (participating locations only). Customers can also share their superhero moment with their sidekick using #kripykreme.

The charity group Love Your Melon brings love, care, and knitted caps to children undergoing chemotherapy. Today, for Superhero Day, they’re dressing as superheroes to visit the children. Today Love Your Melon Campus Crew Members will personally donate hats and create therapeutic experiences at 73 Children’s Hospitals and 497 family’s households throughout the United States. That’s being a hero.

Superhero Day is more than just a U.S. thing. In the U.K, it’s an opportunity to help make the world a better place. Cash for Kids UK is using the day to celebrate the superhero in all of us, and what better way to help disabled and disadvantaged children?

It would be a great day to visit your local comic book store, or go see a superhero movie with your favorite sidekick. Captain America: Civil War premiers today in the U.K. and other countries (we living state-side have to wait until next week to see it).

What are you doing for Superhero Day?