This one is actually quite brilliant. A classic Alfred Hitchcock film, starring the legendary Cary Grant, is given the visual effects update treatment — not because it needs it, but because it’s a visual mashup that had to be done.

Everything that could have been done to mash the the work of Hitchcock together with George Lucas’ epic space fantasy has been done. The empty fields in Indiana are now empty for a reason: there are sarlacc pits everywhere. Jawas and strange creatures inhabit the landscape. Luke Skywalker drops off C3PO, and the two of them are subjected to a strafing run, not by a biplane, but by a TIE fighter. It’s absolutely flawlessly executed. Rbrn BB-8 makes an appearance, and there’s a surprise at the end you’re going to love.

Created by Fabrice Mathieu, this Star Wars fan film is unusual in that it contains no fan actors and uses no John Williams music. It’s a work of art. Thank you, Mr. Mathieu and your production team, for making this happen.


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