publishing-banner-e1437673401837There are only a few top publishers in the science fiction and fantasy genres, and one of the most prominent is TOR Books. From time to time, they open the floodgates and accept unsolicited submissions. This time they’re reopening submissions for unsolicited novellas. They have published six of these to date, and are looking to add more to their roster.

Starting June 5th, Lee Harris and Carl Engle-Laird will be reading and evaluating original novellas submitted by hopeful authors. If you have something you want to submit, TOR strongly recommends that you read the full guidelines, because they’re doing things a bit differently this time.

Submissions will be open until June 30. A novella is considered to be 20,000 to 40,000 words, and TOR is looking for material in one of the following subgenres of science fiction:

  • Time Travel
  • Space Opera
  • Near Future Thriller
  • Cyberpunk

If your novella doesn’t fit these genres, don’t lose hope. TOR plans to rotate the subgenres periodically, so a genre that fits what you have should come up sooner or later. TOR isn’t saying which subgenres they’ll be doing next, mostly because they themselves don’t know yet.

Editors Lee Harris and Carl Engle-Laird are also actively requesting submissions from writers from underrepresented populations. This includes, but is not limited to, writers of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class and physical or mental ability. They believe that “good science fiction and fantasy reflects the incredible diversity and potential of the human species,” and hope to have their catalog reflect this idea.

A great many of the people who end up as guests on the Krypton Radio talk show The Event Horizon come from the TOR stable of writers. Some of those go on to win Nebula Awards, or Hugos1. If you don’t have a novella yet, maybe it’s time to start writing. It won’t be done for this round of submissions, but persistence is a virtue. So is plunking your butt in that chair and actually writing.


1 We know what you’re thinking. No, we can’t absolutely prove causality between appearing on the Event Horizon and winning an award. But the statement, is, none the less, true as far as it goes.