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Zombocalypse NowOverall Grade:

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Ok, I’ve veered off the track of pure novels, but it had to be done. Remember the old choose your own adventure books? As I was somewhat shunned as a child, I spent many an hour choosing and re-choosing some of my adventures. This is a modern revamp of those clunky old wonderful treats. The best part is this one feels fresh! I got my value out of the book on my very first reading. I died my first time not by zombies but by religious zealots! Very nice.

You are a pink, stuffed bunny on your first “internet dating site” date with a young woman just as the zombie apocalypse starts. Do you have what it takes to live (hint, I’ve tried about a dozen times and failed each time)?


How can you go wrong by being a pink stuffed bunny! Really! It’s never described why the bunny has anima or why its on a date with a human woman, but it is and that’s okay by me.

The writing in each section is exceptional. As I’ve tried, in the distant past, to write my own “chooseomatic” book, I know how difficult it is to keep up the enthusiasm for each track and the writing fresh, not to mention all coordination work that it requires.

Matt has a twisted imagination that I enjoy. There are dozens of very interesting endings to the book, and or your life.

Not So Good:

Ok, this is never going to win a Hugo! The writing is light and fluffy and never gets fully detailed, except where gore is concerned.

I wouldn’t have minded a few more “wins”.

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