Inspired by pinup girl nose art painted on the American fighting aircraft of World War II, Mr. Ant Lucia (we presume that’s short for Anthony) is the artist behind the very concept of the DC Bombshells.

Lucia has been a major DC fan all his life. His favorite heroes are what inspired him to become an illustrator. He found his personal style with his Spookshow Pinups line in 2008. Since he created the Bombshells concept, DC and DC comics fans have embraced the girls and their alternate universe. There are posters, a very popular line of comic books (which you can read online for free), and now a new line of collectible cold-cast collector’s statues of most of the popular characters. You can find them on Amazon or through major dealers; they tend to be about ten inches tall, and retail for between $75 and $200 depending on which character it is and where you get them.

Lucia says he is a big fan of vintage pinup illustrations, with his favorite artist being George Petty. He does all his illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. While this provides extra flexibility in what he can do with the resulting images, it’s also a bit slower. Doing colors and gradients in Illustrator takes forever compared to Photoshop, sometimes two or three times slower, but it lets Lucia zoom way in and put in details like crazy.  He’s been working with DC Collectibles on the Bombshells project now since 2013, and has almost single-handedly created a whole new comics universe! The designs and techniques have been handed off to other artists who use Lucia’s style to bring the characters to life on the pages of the DC Bombshells comic series for all to enjoy. If you want to read the DC Bombshells comics on line, for free, you can. What a wonderful contribution Ant Lucia has made to the world of DC Comics!


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