The theme to the greatest fantasy epic ever to hit television is, by now, burned into our racial memories. It evokes the struggles of those who have power trying to keep it, those who lack it who are training to gain it, and the rise and fall of the fortunes of those caught in the middle.

The melodic construction, however, lends itself to a variety of interesting interpretations, and today’s Video of the Day brings you one of the more interesting ones. In this one, Benedikt Mendzigal takes the now-familiar tune and slathers it with a huge helping of “Spaghetti Western”.

BenDan Productions are responsible for this pitch perfect video. In the music, you can hear the cattle rustling gang ride into town, the lonely whistle of the hero who bears striking resemblance to Clint Eastwood in his glory days, the hearty twang of the lead guitar that says he’d do right near anything for a fistful of dollars.

Have fun watching and listening to this one. We pronounce it “cool”.


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