spockBeyondStar Trek: Beyond was a thrill ride that didn’t fail to thrill. Make sure you have your snacks and drinks handy. You will not want to get out of your seat.

Initially I had not planned on seeing this film due to the Axanar situation, but when those fine folks urged us, the fans, to be big-hearted and go see it, I decided I would. I am so glad I did! Wow, it was fun!

I know there has been a lot of negative remarks as to this new cycle of Trek not being “cerebral” enough, etc. Well, maybe it’s just that I’m the sort of gal who thinks of the original Conan the Barbarian as a romantic high adventure tale, but my reply to that would be that not all the classic tales are cerebral either. Picard was the thinking man, not Kirk, despite his knack for winning chess games. Kirk was and always will be a man of action first, demanding his third alternative.

So no, it’s not as “cerebral”; it’s not the brain we’re after in this tale. It’s the heart and the sense of doing what is right, which in these modern times I am glad to see presented on film when so many other shows seem to venerate self-service and entitlement. Trek has always been about the conscience first and foremost. The new format of representing Trek in the reboots is a welcome change from trying to re-do what had already stood. There’s no way that the modern Enterprise crew could hold the same chemistry as the originals so rather than force it, they ran new interactions and emotions between the characters while still managing to capture their sense of teamwork. Teamwork, unity is what Star Trek Beyond is all about, too!

There are some other differences in this tale too which I really enjoyed. Usually we see the highlights of the Five Year Mission —those action/cerebral moments — in Beyond, we also get a glimpse into the daily grind of being the starship pushing out into the frontier. I think it was a great choice to run that direction. It’s often not what we think about when we glamorize the notion of serving aboard a starship. We find out too how that grind can wear as surely as being tested in battle. This is where we get to see more into these characters than we have in the past movies.

Of course, the action picks up pretty quickly, and we’re off on the latest adventure against a foe with tactics like we have never before seen. How are they going to cope? No spoilers here, but I was really wondering how they could defeat such a seemingly unstoppable method of attack. The answer was,  with guts and humor and some rather edge of your seat, hold your breath moments.

The acting was fine. Idris Elba doesn’t disappoint. Pine, Quinto, Pegg, hold their own in these deeper looks into familiar characters. Karl Urban still stands as my personal fave as a McCoy that truly honors his predecessor. Look for his usual almost scene-stealing quips! I am also loving the new Uhura. I could only wish we could have seen more of her grit when Nichols played her but such were the times.

For those concerned about the new Sulu’s family life, relax. It’s covered quickly and tastefully and indeed somewhat adds to the suspense, as you’ll discover when you see the film.

So do go see the film! But two warnings: if you’re easily dizzied do not see it in 3d! And, bring a small hanky as there are some wonderful and touching memorials deftly woven in to those who have truly crossed over to the beyond.