Director David Yates joined fans in San Diego Comic-Con’s famed Hall H to debut the new trailer for the J.K. Rowling penned Harry Potter universe film,  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  Fans in attendance were gifted with wands, and encouraged to join the film’s star, Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander), in performing a “Lumos Maxima” spell during the panel.

The new trailer shows a lot more of the magical creatures accidentally loosed upon an unsuspecting New York, freed by accident from Newt Scarmander’s charmed luggage, unhappily in the presence of a clueless “no-maj”, the American term for muggles, or people without magical abilities.  The no-maj in question is Jacob Kowalski, played by Dan Fogler.

Fantastic Beasts stars Eddie Redmayne and is scheduled for release on November 18, 2016 in the United States.