As much as the panels and the Exhibition Hall, San Diego Comic-Con is about the costumes. Whether it’s the professional cosplayers with large Internet followings, or the fan who just wants to be part of the fun, there is always quite a display of peoples’ skill and imagination.

It appeared that there was a wider variety of impressions with more girls and women playing dress-up. On the youngling side, there was one, maybe two Luke Skywalkers but there were many times more young Reys. In fact, it seemed that girls of all ages had embraced the new Star Wars heroine as well as other characters from The Galaxy Far, Far Away. Superheroes still abounded, as did super villains. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn (in multiple versions) were out in force.

This year, there was an additional restriction that offered a last minute hurdle for cosplayers. It was the requirement that any “weapon” not made of styrofoam or other soft materials had to be secured to the wearer’s body. No impromptu light saber fights outside the Lucasfilm booth this year!

There are plenty of sites out there with “the best of” cosplays, but here’s our gallery of particularly clever and/or unique ones.