Followers of events here on Krypton Radio may know Scott Baker as the director and producer of The 5th PassengerToday’s offering is one of his works as well. It’s a Star Trek fan film, and one of the first to be released under the new rules for Star Trek fan films released by CBS last June 23 – and in the “be careful what you wish for” category, the film uses the rules themselves to point out the untenable situation CBS and Paramount have placed themselves in with their attitude toward fandom.

The film is animated, edited and voiced by Scott Baker, who does pretty passable impressions of all the original cast members of the original series (surprisingly, even of Lt. Uhuru). The drawings are on the crude side, and the animation is pretty minimal. Scott intentionally didn’t spend a lot of time on visual perfection. He produced this to get a laugh, and to make a point.

Films like this represent the unintended consequences of alienating a big chunk of your fan base. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did.