It seems like every major geek media outlet has produced their own San Diego Comic-Con music video for 2016. There are more of them this year than we can ever remember seeing. There is probably no better way to enjoy all the miraculous cosplay at the convention, except for actually being there, than to watch these videos, and for the first time Krypton Radio presents not just one of them, but all of them. This is the one place on the internet you can see them all, short of YouTube itself.

Remember to pause the Krypton Radio radio stream using the handy controller near the top of the page before watching.

In the following video, watch for some great Star Wars cosplay, a dazzling Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Golden Age Wonder Woman, steampunk Starlord, Deadshot, a giant crab creature from Labyrinth, La Muerta from The Book of Life.

In this next one, watch for Dr. Strange, and Hawkgirl with wings that unfold.

In this next one, watch for Overwatch, some Captain America’s that look better than the movie versions, Gambit, some perfect Halo armor, the Green Goblin, Captain Phasma, Killer Croc, a stunning Rancor Beast with trainer, the Reverse Flash, and the Frank Miller Batman.

In the following video, watch for Emma Frost, Galactus, Megatron, the Silver Surfer, Golden Age Batman and the Flash, a DC Bombshells Wonder Woman, a number of authentic, movie used costumes on display, Wonder Woman in her invisible plane, Marvel Girl, Nebula and Starlord, a great cross-gender Megaman,  the entire Suicide Squad, the Flash and Zoom from The Flash, a stunning dead-on Khaleesi, a BB-8 and Han Solo cosplay that makes you do a double take,

In this next video, watch for Sheriff Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, Hawkgirl with working wings, Draco Malfoy, the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Skeletor, the Winter Soldier, and Judy Hopps.

In the following video, watch for Sonic the Hedgehog, Indiana Jones and his father Henry Jones, Vanellope von Schweetz and her racing car made of candy,  the Rocketeer, a showgirl gallery of heroines from the Marvel universe, Hagrid, Doctor Doom, Peter pan and his Shadow, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Clawhauser from Zootopia, Moana from Moana (which was a nice choice since the movie isn’t even out yet, but boy, she sure looks like the character!), John Snow, Megatron and Optimus Prime, Batman and Superman, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

In the end, cosplayers do this because it’s fun. It’s not for the awards, it’s not for fame, and it’s certainly not for the money; cosplayers do this because they can be part of something wonderful.

May you find these videos inspiring. Perhaps you’ll find your spirit cosplay and be in one of these videos next year!