The new Doctor Strange movie, starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, is nearly upon us.  It releases on November 4, 2016, and that means it’s just scant weeks away. As good as we thought this looked the last time, we are even more impressed with what we see in the new featurette released today by Marvel Entertainment.

Cumberbatch and Tilda Swenson talk about their roles in the film and what Dr. Steven Strange’s universe is like. We also get a bit of a better look at the bad guys in the story (every great hero needs a great villain), and they, seduced by power and darkness, are just the counter Dr. Strange needs.

The film has been the subject of some heated discussion; the Ancient One who brings Dr. Strange into the larger world of magic and sorcery is Asian in the comic books. Tilda Swenson, cast in that role, is a lot of things – great actress and performer among them – but Asian isn’t one of them. The seeming inability of Marvel Entertainment to cast Asians in roles written for Asians is certainly noteworthy. We hope that this casting faux pas will not do too much to soil the experience of seeing the film for the flight of fantasy that it is.

The film has a deep, velvety sumptuous look to it, as though every shot had been thought through not by a cinematographer or director, but by a fine artist who studied under both Rafael and Frazetta. Watching all of it in motion takes that visual experience one step beyond. As Cumberbatch puts it, it’s going to be “a wonderful ride”.

This one is called “Featurette #1”, which implies that there will be more.  Watch this space.


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