Abney Park, a mainstay here on the world’s only full time geek culture radio station, delivers again with His Imaginary World. It’s a cut from their new album Under the Floor, Over the Wall, which releases at 12 pm PST on November 5, 2016.

It’s beautiful visually, using the trope of an illustrated book to tell the story. The story is a familiar one, about what life expects of a young man – especially a talented one – and how these expectations can become a prison. Yet, it is often through this kind of adversity that wild, intricate fantasy lives are spun. They can be a haven, a protection from a world that threatens to tear apart the emotional self. That imagination has been the spawning point of more than one novelist, musician, painter or actor.

Abney Park was founded in 1997 by lead man Robert Brown, so they’ve been at this almost ten years now. Named after the Abney Park Cemetery in London, the group started as a goth band, but quickly evolved into the definitive steampunk band we know today. The band is extremely prolific. This is their sixteenth album, with their fifteenth, Nonfiction, released earlier this year.

Naturally, you can hear this song on Krypton Radio along with the other cuts from the album once it’s released.