When Overwatch burst onto the scene and target the same players who were playing Team Fortress 2, we knew it was going to suck all the air out of the room.  True to form, they’ve released their first Halloween-themed patch. It went live for all of its platforms on Tuesday, and like TF2‘s spooky annual updates, it includes Halloween-themed unlocks for its characters, a new map, and a co-op brawl.

This is  Overwatch‘s first pure “player vs. environment” (PvE) content, as opposed to existing “versus bots” versions of its deathmatch modes. Four human players are pitted against waves of NPC  “zombie robots,” along with a few higher-powered super-soldiers. The brawl, called Junkenstein’s Revenge, drops the team into a haunted-house setting and asks players to not only survive seven minutes of enemy waves but also to keep them from breaking down a door in the back of the room.

Players can pick from one of four heroes (Ana, Hanzo, McCree, or Soldier 76), and once a hero is picked, that hero is no longer selectable by teammates. There are three difficulty levels, so everyone can enjoy playing regardless of skill level.

Beating this mode doesn’t unlock specific items or bonuses, but it does pay out in in-game XP, which players can use to unlock a ton of Halloween-themed cosmetic items (which now pop out of Jack-o-Lantern-shaped loot boxes). These, along with the co-op mode, will disappear once the seasonal update ends on November 1.

Blizzard has also released the Junkenstein comic, which reveals that Dr. Jamison Junkenstein “is an inventor and scientist who was once employed by the Lord of Adlersbrunn.”

Overwatch takes the capture-the-flag team to new heights with this PvE brawl update, and Junkenstein’s Revenge leads the charge.