The official trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 isn’t out yet, but to whet our appetites, director James Gunn has given us a special sneak peek. If you’re reading this on your desktop machine, take a moment to pause the radio stream while you watch this.

A somewhat more gaunt-looking Peter Quill is none the less still large and in charge. Mostly. Except for apparently striking out with Gamora. Nebula and Yondu are both back, too, and between the three of them, you can bet there’ll be trouble and intrigue – and it seems that Baby Groot is now out of his pot, with Rocket Racoon carrying his friend around on his shoulder for a change.

It’s pretty thrilling stuff, even though it’s just snippets. There isn’t enough to even hint at a storyline yet, but be patient. We’ll get there.

Watch this space.


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