fourColorBullet1.pngThis is the last Four Color Bullet, and for the worst reason you can imagine.

Krypton Radio pays a great deal of attention to popular media, so we write a lot of obituaries. I never thought I’d be writing one for one of our own.

superherofuneralRobert Michael Brown, the author of our comic book review series Four Color Bullet, passed away suddenly this afternoon from an apparent heart attack. He had never had any history of heart trouble prior to this. His wife Jodie Holt-Brown posted on Facebook a bit after 8 pm this evening with the news. He was 46.

We found Michael from our Facebook followers list and invited him to join us as a writer, which he did in February of 2014. Since that time his column has been one of the highlights of the news presented on our site, and he had developed quite a following. He was talented as a writer, and that talent came from a deep love of the material. Michael loved everything about comic books, and his knowledge of the subject was unparalleled. The title for the column was his idea. He loved writing the column, and his work with Krypton Radio was one of the things of which he was most proud. He developed quite a following, with eager fans coming to Krypton Radio to read his column each week.

More than a gifted writer, Michael was also a good friend. He was part of the gang, well loved and respected by the other staff writers and everybody else here at the station. I’m going to miss our long political discussions, in which we each attempted to sway one another’s point of view, but always with the utmost respect.

This is hard stuff to write. It’s really really hard. You can’t summarize a man’s life in a couple hundred words, and there is no way to express the loss or the big empty hole in the lives of his friends, and especially his family, that Michael leaves behind. We are devastated, and we have no choice but to learn how to live in a world without him. The world, however, is much the richer for his having passed this way.

He is survived by his wife Jodie Holt-Brown, and five children, Dylan, Madison, Jalen, Garet, and Jonah, whom he loved all equally well. May God rest his soul.