sheritepperAuthor Sheri S. Tepper, 87, passed away on October 22, 2016. Tepper was a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy, best known for her feminist and ecological themes, with major titles including The Gate to Women’s Country (1988) and Grass (1989).

Born Shirley Stewart Douglas on July 16, 1929 near Littleton, Colorado, Sheri Tepper married for the first time at 20 and had two children, but divorced in her late twenties, and spent ten years as a single mother working various jobs, including a clerical position with international relief agency CARE. In the late ’60s she married Gene Tepper. From 1962-86 she worked at Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood in Colorado, eventually rising to executive director. She left that position to become a full-time writer, and for many years ran a guest ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her first publications were poems and children’s stories in the early ’60s under the name Sheri S. Eberhart, including the poem Lullaby, 1990 in the December 1963 edition of Galaxy Magazine. Her first science fiction novel was The Revenants in 1984, though her first books were fantasy books. Her published works include:

  • King’s Blood Four(1983)
  • Necromancer Nine (1983)
  • Wizard’s Eleven (1984)
  • The Song of Mavin Manyshaped(1985)
  • The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped (1985)
  • The Search of Mavin Manyshaped (1985)
  • Jinian Footseer (1985)
  • Dervish Daughter (1986)
  • Jinian Star-Eye (1986)
  • Marianne, the Magus and the Manticore (1985)
  • Marianne, the Madame and the Momentary Gods (1988)
  • Marianne, the Matchbox and the Malachite Mouse (1989)
  • Blood Heritage (1986)
  • The Bones (1987)
  • The Awakeners, published as two volumes, Northshore (1987) and Southshore (1987)
  • Grass (1989)
  • Raising the Stones (1990)
  • Sideshow (1992)
  • A Plague of Angels (1993)
  • The Waters Rising (2010)
  • Fish Tales(2014)
  • The Revenants (1984)
  • After Long Silence (1987) and rerelease as The Enigma Score (1989)
  • Beauty (1991) for which she won the Locus Award
  •  Shadow’s End (1994)
  • Gibbon’s Decline and Fall(1994)
  • The Family Tree (1997)
  • Six Moon Dance (1998)
  • Singer from the Sea (1999)
  • The Fresco (2000)
  • The Visitor (2002)
  • The Companions (2003)
  • The Margarets (2007)

She wrote also horror under the name E.E. Horlak, and mysteries as A.J. Orde and B.J. Oliphant. Many of her novels were shortlisted for major awards, including the Clarke, the Tiptree, the Hugo, and the Campbell Memorial Award. Though she wrote short fiction only rarely, her novella The Gardener (1989) was a World Fantasy Award finalist. She received a World Fantasy life achievement award in 2015.