Hey everyone, DJ Chaotix here, back with a special edition of his deal article themed around Halloween! Let’s dive in.


Target is running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale online and in store for a majority of it’s console and board game stock. Now might be the time to buy that copy of Cards against Humanity if you were thinking about it.. (This deal ends on November 1st. Call the store before venturing in to confirm.)


GameFly is doing a sale on its Used Games such as No Man’s Sky, FIFA 16, Fallout 4, Doom and more for both Xbox One and PS4.


If you are looking for a scary experience for Halloween and your favorite flavor of scary is Aliens, then the Alien: Isolation Collection for Xbox One will be your best bet at 67% off the normal price of $40.


Next up is one of my favorite games by Edmund McMillen and Team Meat, Super Meat Boy! You can get this for a LARGE discount on steam as the Daily Deal currently til 10 am November 1st! You should seriously go and get it if you haven’t already. At 90% off the normal price, there is no excuse for you not to have one of the best platforming games of the Xbox Live arcade launch titles.


SilaStore is running not one but TWO huge sets of sales on some of my favorite fighting games and on some of the best THQNordic titles out there. Check out the H2 Interactive Halloween Sale and the THQNordic Halloween Sale. These deals disappear like the ghost on November 1st so hurry up and take advantage of them.


Last but not least is the Steam Halloween Sale, featuring such games as Resident Evil, Dead Space, and more for discounts beginning at 20% and go all the way up to 90%+ off in some cases. Some of the gems in the steam sale include but are not limited to ZOMBI (4.99), Hero Siege (0.59), Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (4.99), Killing Floor (4.99), Killing Floor 2 (19.99), System Shock 2(2.49), Dead Rising 3 (14.99), and more. All of the deals for the Steam Halloween Sale expire at 10 am PST on November 1st.

All of the aforementioned deals are brought to you in part by Reddit’s Game Deals community. Go check them out for the latest deals on console/PC games!

Happy Halloween and stay safe everyone!


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