It’s hot off the editing bay, and it’s right here on Krypton Radio, right now. Gal Gadot owns the screen and the character in this new official trailer. Turn down the music from the Krypton Radio stream and watch this trailer now.

Director Patty Jenkins proves that she knows the soul of Wonder Woman and where the character needs to be. The color palette is rich and earthy, setting Diana apart from her surroundings in tone and emotion, the acting appears wonderful, and in a new age where a woman might just become President of the United States, Gal Gadot shows us that this woman can own the power and strength that is her birthright.

Rumors of the film being overly gritty or some kind of rolling disaster appear to be unfounded. We are more excited than ever to see the new Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot and Christopher Pine as Steve Rogers. It opens June 2, 2017.