What happens when Mario dies? This new short film by Nookazooka answers the question of where Mario goes when he misses one of those critical jumps. When one Mario survives the fall, he ends up in a hellish underworld full of broken and corrupted elements from the game he’d been playing in the clouds. To his horror, there’s even a corrupt, possessed wizard Luigi roaming around, feasting on the corpses of the fallen Mario’s, of which there seems to be a nearly endless supply.

Every single thing Mario encounters is some perverted version of its former self, and either doesn’t care if he lives or dies or is actively trying to kill him. How will he survive?

Nookazooka is the work of three brothers, Andrew, Seth and Matthew McMurry. They formed their YouTube production partnership six years ago, and have produced such gems as Toy Wars and Pokemon GO Gets Too Real. If you haven’t subscribed to their channel on YouTube yet, go subscribe, because they’re producing two of these a month from now on.

What’ll they come up with next?

Watch this space.