A story with a happy ending is just what we need today. Here’s a good one. In Planet Unknown, two robots are sent to an alien world to see if it’s possible for life from Earth to take hold and grow there. The film is by Shawn Wang, a computer animation generalist living in Shanghai, China.  The film draws heavy influences from Pixar films, and we can see the little orange bot channeling Wall-E.

Be sure to pause the Krypton Radio music stream before watching.


Here’s what the creator had to say about his own work:

I had been working full time on Planet Unknown from July 2015 to June 2016. It was a passion project as well as my graduation thesis film at Communication University of China. This 11-month journey was very challenging, but it was a perfect learning opportunity as well.

The idea started back in 2014 when Interstellar was released. I was deeply impressed by the movie and was inspired by the two robots TARS and CASE. The idea of intellectual robots exploring space developed from there.

Other inspirations include Pixar movies like WALL-E and Toy Story, as well as CHAPPiE, NASA documentaries about Mars Rover Curiosity, and short films by individuals like Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh, Richard Mans’ Abiogenesis, Erik Wernquist’s Wanderers, Alf Lovvold’s Dawn of the Stuff, and so many more.

Echoic Audio, one of the UK’s leading music & sound design studios, joined this adventure with epic cinematic score and detailed sound design which catapulted the film to a new level that I had never imagined.

This project pushed me to do what I never thought I could do. However, it also keeps punching me in the face and shows me how limited my skills are. There are still tons of problems in the making that I can’t figure out even now.

Thanks to everyone for the support along the way. The new adventure begins…

Shawn, September 2016

The film has won a string of awards, and it’s obvious as to why. We love the message of hope, and that’s something we really need.