The Bethesda Softworks game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released four years ago, and is arguably the finest single work the studio has ever produced. It has inspired countless fan musicians to produce some beautiful covers of the music from the game, all originally written by Jeremy Soule. The main theme, Dragonborn, is one of the most popular songs from the game, and we already have a number of them in the Krypton Radio playlist.

This, however, is not yet another cover of the main theme. Instead, it’s a seldom heard bit of incidental music one hears during normal gameplay while exploring the forests and mountains of Skyrim. It’s called Ancient Stones. Here is Nathan Mills’ arrangement for single guitar as performed by himself.

If you need to, be sure to take a moment to pause the Krypton Radio stream itself so you can hear this properly.

This hauntingly beautiful melody is the music one hears when in the presence of the legendary stones that grant one specific boons and advantages, such as the Thief Stone, which enhances your sneaking abilities, or the Wizard Stone, which allows you to progress through the ranks of magic faster.

Nathan Mills has a web site devoted to guitar performance and study called BeyondTheGuitar, where he teaches you how to play music from your favorite games, movies and TV shows.

We hope you enjoy this morning’s selection, and yes, you will hear this tune on Krypton Radio throughout the day.