Tom Cruize proves he’s still got the moves in the first trailer for the new Unversal Pictures film The Mummy. The fourtheenth film in the venerable horror franchise, this one features not a pharaoh, but a princess, who is a tad cheesed off that her destiny was taken from her, and sets about to wreak havoc on the city of London.

Sofia Boutella plays the title role in 'The Mummy'.

Sofia Boutella plays the title role in 2017’s ‘The Mummy’.

The original film by the same name was released in 1932 and starred Boris Karloff, who, in the title role, is brought back to life by the accidental reading of an ancient scroll. He then works in the guise of a modern Egyptian, seeking his lost love whom he is convinced was reincarnated as a modern girl.

The newest reboot seeks to position itself as the first in a planned  new series of films they are calling the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe. Preproduction begun in 2012, the film had been plagued by a series of false starts, mostly involving losing its assigned directors or writers.  The Mummy in this case is actress Sofia Boutella as the Egyptian princess Ahmanet. The first we see of her is actually just the outside of her very cooling looking (but not especially Egyptian, never mind not especially historically accurate) sarcophagus. The plane she’s on is interdicted by a flock of bats at 25,000 feet, and the plane is trashed. Tom Cruise helps Jenny Halsey (played by Annabelle Walis) escape on a parachute, but ends up going down on the plane himself. He wakes up in a morgue, and things just go sideways from there.

Will it be the thriller reboot they’re hoping for? Well, they do have Tom Cruise. And the title role goes to a beautiful multi-talented actress whom we have already seen in The Kingsman as that kickass personal assistant with swords for feet, and as Jaylah, another kickass snow-white-skinned alien girl from Star Trek Beyond, whose last name sounds like a hazelnut chocolate sandwich spread. What’s not to like?

The Mummy is directed by Alex Kurtzman and written by Christopher McQuarrie and Jon Spaights, and is set for its release date on June 9, 2017 to kick off the summer season.