154553With Nintendo re-releasing their NES with its embedded selections from the NES library, it only makes sense that Sega would be doing the same thing. The Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Console is being released, in part, to celebrate the  25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. The console gives the ability  to play classics such as Virtua Fighter 2  and Golden Axe, and also includes the original Sonic games (excluding Sonic 3).

It comes with 80 built-in  games, compared to the NES’ 30 games. Only half of the built-in games are actually classic titles; the other half seem to be filler, with titles like Cross the road, Mahjong Solitaire, Whack-a-Wolf,  and  Sudoku Quiz. 

Thankfully, the rereleased Sega Genesis will include the option to play cartridge games. Despite the somewhat dodgy game list, you can expand the library by buying physical Genesis  games. Just check the batteries inside the cartridge to make sure it still works.

Going by the game titles themselves, the release could be more thrilling. The selected games were already in the Ultimate Genesis Collection, except for Phantasy Star and Shining Force being  taken out in preference for Mortal Kombat. There are also complaints about the wireless game pads, poor audio quality, and the complete lack of HDMI support. These are issues shared by previous “plug in and play” Genesis models, such as AT Games version of the Genesis and Genesis II.  In fact, the only difference between their release and Sega’s is the special Sonic 25th Anniversary branding. The only real hook with the diminutive console is the ability to play cartridge games. The complete lack of HDMI support may make it very tough to hook up to your television.

The retail price of the Sega Mega-Drive is around $65 dollars, at about the same price point as the Nintendo NES offering.