Nerdout is being billed as a Comic Con in your pocket. No, this Kickstarter is not for a fan film, or a convention, a new tabletop game or a new idea for a 3D printer. What it is, though, is kind of a revolutionary idea.

If you’re a fan living anywhere in the world, though, it’s something you really need if you’re not using it already. It’s a free app for your smart phone and tablet, and whatever fandom you’re in, it helps you find others of your tribe.

Here’s how it works. You just load it up on your device, and you’re immediately given a simple menu for the kind of geeky social event you’re looking for. The calendar will show you, region by region, what’s happening in your area.  Nerdout is the the single best clearinghouse of information on fan activities, listed region by region, and you’ll be astounded at how many events are being held near you.

The Nerdout operation is the brainchild of Michele L. Jensen (she appeared on an episode of The Event Horizon back in March), who works in television post production by day, but by night she’s the entrepreneur and mastermind  behind what is already becoming one of the most important socially enabling creations in geekdom.

And that, to put a point on it, is why it’s so important to be a backer for Nerdout. You get it free, but to make it better, we need to pull together and help Michele  do this. This is one of those things where you can get great perks from the Kickstarter, but the product itself is free. It’s more of an ideal, a benefit that all of fandom benefits from – kind of like Krypton Radio itself.

Go to their Kickstarter and kick in a couple of bucks. It’ll only take a moment, and you can help make the world a better place for fans like yourself. If they reach their goal, everybody – everybody – wins.


[Editor’s note: You may have noticed that ad button for Nerdout in the ads section beneath this article. They don’t pay for that ad. We donate that space, and have from the beginning, because we think what they’re doing is noble and worthy of our support.]