Taking something away and calling it progress. The new Apple iPhone 7.

The Apple iPhone 7 and the removal of the headphone jack got me to thinking. Are we innovating for the sake of innovation, or are we truly improving the quality of the items we use by removing functionality that has been standard for years, such as the headphone jack. Samsung might think so. There is a rumor that the Galaxy S8 will apparently have no headphone jack just like the iPhone 7, instead opting for a USB Type-C connector which is becoming the new standard for devices like cell phones and laptops to use in lieu of the connectors we’ve been using.

I personally think that a person’s comfort using a device is paramount to the success of it’s sales. This is most likely why Apple is allowed to do something like remove the aforementioned headphone hack,  a standard feature in their portable devices ever since the original iPhone. Purchasers of the iPhone 7 would have to buy a dongle or special case to allow them to charge and listen to music at the same time which is something that should be STANDARD fare for a cell phone. Apple is looking to fill the void left by the removal of the headphone jack with a set of wireless earbuds called the Apple Airpods in the shape and design of the normal earbuds that usually come with every apple device you purchase. These earbuds would not be free but instead costing something to the tune of $159.

This sounds like Apple is trying to get more money out of the consumer again. They used the term ‘brave” when they described the removal of the headphone jack. I call it brazen. They are clearly trying to find a reason to sell a product. This screams to me the same way the Apple Pen did. Stupid. And pointless.

Here’s my strong suggestion to Apple: don’t remove functionality and then try to sell something to us that provide a inferior experience and call it “brave”, okay?


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