The 42nd Century, it is a Dark Age after a cataclysmic war, the “Age of Pandora”. Strange and inexplicable things are occurring, horrific things. A young Aristocratic-Psychic in the Pleiades Cluster is brought into a circle of elite Rangers and Royal Police on a missing persons case. Thus begins the Chronicles of Winteroud Sole, as he records his adventures over many years. Entwined with smugglers, pirate warlords, spies-and the terrible Transhumans, whose empire still lingers over a large portion of the galaxy. The Detectives and Rangers set out on to wild outlaw spaces at Galactic Core, where underworld characters of ill repute contend with Mutant Marauders.The mystery deepens as the Winteroud searches the ancient ruins for clues among the ghosts…while the Transhuman Empire secretly spies and conspires. A rogue General discovers ancient aliens on a lost world of Dinosaurs and strange alien life forms. Winteroud’s clues lead him to a refugee Out world, far in the Sagittarius Galactic Spiral Arm. Sensing Rakshasa Demon beings from another dimension, the psychic hires a band of Trade Guild Space Smugglers; mercenaries.

It’s something you don’t see much of. This is a trailer for a book, written, produced and directed by the author himself. The book is The Magnificent Raiders of Dimension War One, by Dante D’Anthony. There is a strong tradition in pulp fiction and cyberpunk in the science fiction genre, and Magnificent Raiders taps both. D’Anthony writes books in this narrative space and creates his own feature length adaptations of them, using nothing but desktop animation software, via the skills of animator Francis Taylor. D’anthony bypasses the entire world of licensing,  agents, and studios, each with their hands out expecting a piece of the pie, by simply doing every bit of it, from start to finish, himself.

It’s remarkable what you can do if you believe in yourself and in the value of your own work. We applaud Dante D’Anthony in this, and offer you a peek into his imaginative world.

Music Composed by Richie English
& Pinky Doodle Poodles
Sound Design engineers:
Robby Takac, Justin Rose, assisted by Michael McKean
GCR Audio Buffalo NY

Voice Over Kappa Studios Los Angeles

Animation Francis Taylor

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