When The Flash returns next year, Wally West will finally be Kid Flash. We all know Wally has wanted superpowers for a long time now, and he finally gets his wish. Things aren’t completely peachy in Central City, though, as Barry Allen is having trouble working with a sidekick – or is the sidekick having trouble working with him? It looks a lot like a big part of the show for a while will be Barry helping train up Kid Flash, and there’s a lot of opportunity for character development there.

Eventually they’ll have to figure out what to do with Wally. He obviously can’t stay in The Flash forever, but developed as a canon character in the DC TV Universe, he could easily be spun off with other teams. Legends of Tomorrow comes to mind.  Another thing that we find striking is just exactly how versatile an actor Tom Cavanaugh really is. He has now played four versions of Harrison Wells from different timelines and alternate Earths, and he creates a completely fresh new character each time. We love being dazzled by the razzle dazzle, but under the hood there are some serious acting talents driving things forward.

The third season of The Flash resumes January 24 on The WB. Waiting sucks.