Credits goes to zisforzombiez for this amazing find! In the opening sequence of the Resident Evil 7 demo, there is a series of numbers. These numbers  line up with the product ID for Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, which included the Resident Evil 2 Demo. This is too much of coincidence to disregard the possibility that Capcom might be showcasing a remake of Resident Evil 2.

This is exciting news, since Capcom once stated that they were going “back to their roots”. At first glance, Resident Evil 7 is more of departure from the original series, with more inspirations coming from games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the cancelled project Silent Hills. Capcom definitely is moving forward in the industry with this decision, considering they’re also implementing VR in Resident Evil 7. The Resident Evil series has steadily been declining over the years. Recently, they’ve released HD Remasters of the main series to try and remain relevant as the new game approaches, but with this new rumor, the franchise will appeal not only to the new audience but to old fans as well.

Resident Evil Fans have been begging for a remake of Resident Evil 2. The only games close to that were the on-rails shooter Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.  But let’s not get our hopes too high – there’s a possibility that this game will only be available through a special edition of Resident Evil 7, akin to how  Call of Duty 4: Remaster was only available by paying $80 for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  I mention this because Capcom has a history of overpriced DLC and other practices. Capcom already revealed that the collector’s edition for RE7 will not include the base game. Despite the good news of the rumor, it could be disappointing money-wise.

Lets hope I’m wrong and the rumor is true. Resident Evil 7 will be releasing January 24th, 2017 for Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.