It’s free. If you have Alexa Echo or Echo Dot, you’ll be wanting this.

Every now and then I like to post a little something that shows you exactly where your patronage dollars are going, and today seems like a good day.

The big thing today is that we’re now on Alexa Echo and Alexa Dot. This is the wildly popular home AI system being sold by, and it links to their service (and the service is free.)

The two devices are essentially the same thing, one just comes with a massive speaker built in, while the other has Bluetooth to let you use a wireless speaker you probably already have. Both of them give you voice controlled access to news, weather, games and music, and even let you control your home by voice command alone.

If you have one of these devices, now you can have Krypton Radio as part of your daily news briefing! Just add this free skill to your device, and get a fresh news article from the Krypton Radio web site read aloud to you every day.

And if you want to listen to Krypton Radio on your Alexa Echo or Echo Dot, that’s even easier. Just say, “Alexa, play Krypton Radio”, and it will.

From the geek in us, to the geek in you. Enjoy.

Oh, and please become a patron if you aren’t one already. If every person who listened donated just a dollar a month, we could give amazing things back to the geek community and help new artists and creators rise like never before.


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