This weekend’s edition of The Event Horizon on Krypton Radio features special guests Shredhammer and Croonhammer from the true powerhouse band that rose from fandom: SONGHAMMER! This group arose from humble beginnings to take the geek world by storm, and rose so quickly and are so good that Blizzard Entertainment has made them more or less the official band of World of Warcraft. Here’s a little reminder of why – this single, LEGION, made its debut at BlizzCon on November 4, 2016 to the roar of thousands of fans.

If you love music – or Warcraft – or both – this is the episode you absolutely do not want to miss. Your hosts are Gene Turnbow and DJ Gary DaBaum.

Candidly speaking, personae aside, Songhammer and Croonhammer are two of the nicest, friendliest guys you’d ever want to meet, and being able to talk to them like this has been one of the high points of Krypton Radio’s history as a geek culture radio station, as well as for me personally (Gene Turnbow, founder and station manager of Krypton Radio).

Tune in Saturday evening at its new time at 4 pm PST / 7 PM EST for the first run episode.

Here are all the air times:

First Run: Saturday 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET
Sunday 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET
Thursday 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET
Saturday (reprise) 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET

Be sure to tune in – you can now hear Krypton Radio on every internet capable device that makes sound, including Alexa-enabled devices, cell phones, tablets, computers, and anything else that can play internet radio.

SONGHAMMER for the win!


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