We love our fantasy. We love our science fiction. We see in these stories the heroes we want to be, those who can overcome all challenges, face all evil, and be triumphant – especially since so many of us are faced with challenges we can’t overcome ourselves. The real challenge, though, the real danger, is forgetting that these heroes are symbols for what we hope to achieve and not necessarily useful blueprints for our lives taken directly. They’re metaphors for who we want to be. We forget that sometimes, just being who we are is heroic enough all by itself.

Today’s video is a song that reminds us of this, and it’s a collaboration between two groups, The Chainsmokers and Coldplay.

Don’t be so caught up in the trying that you lose track of how much of a hero you already are.

Listen for this tune on Krypton Radio. Come for the stories, stay for the tunes.





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