Clint Howard

Clint Howard will appear in the still untitled movie about young Han Solo. The new Star Wars movie is being directed by his brother, Ron Howard.  The Hollywood Reporter said “Clint Howard will have at least a cameo in the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo spinoff.” Whether the role will be more substantial, or just a cameo, remains to be seen.  Entertainment Weekly is predicting that Clint Howard will have a cameo, a lá Stan Lee.

Clint Howard is well known to Star Trek fans for playing Balok in the “The Corbomite Manuever” in 1966. He also played Grady in the Deep Space Nine episode “Past Tense, Part 2” in 1995, and the Ferengi Muk in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Acquisition” in 2002.  He played Dr. Mimmer in the short-lived Space Rangers.

Clint Howard has appeared on three STAR TREK series, TOS, DS9, and ENTERPRISE.

Clint Howard as the Ferengi Muk {image via Paramount}

Ron Howard, a long-time associate of George Lucas, was hired to take over as director of the Han Solo movie after previous directing team Phil Lord and Christopher Miller left the project over creative differences.  As he has done seventeen times before, Ron Howard has found a role for his brother Clint in a movie he is directing.  The most famous of these roles was as Sy Liebergot in Apollo 13.  Now, for the 18th time, Ron Howard is giving Clint Howard a part in one of his movies*.

As children, “little Ronnie Howard” was the star of the family, but his younger brother Clint appeared in several shows.  Clint played Leon on The Andy Griffith Show and twice was a guest on Happy Days. Although Ron was the more famous of the two brothers, because

Clint Howard as Mark Wedloe and Bruno the Bear as Gentle Ben, in the '60s show GENTLE BEN.

Clint Howard as Mark Wedloe in GENTLE BEN {image via CBS}

of his roles as Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham, Clint was no stranger to TV audiences.  As a child, Clint voiced Roo for the Winnie the Pooh cartoons and Hathi, Jr. in The Jungle Book.  He was a series regular as Stanley in The Baileys of Balboa and Steve in The Cowboys. He starred as Mark Wedloe in Gentle Ben.  As an adult, he’s had a wide range of TV and movie roles, including several horror movies.


I like horror movies. To me, they are a very legitimate place for an actor to work. It’s a great arena for me to experiment, to play a range of different funky characters.

If all goes well, the young Han Solo film is scheduled to open in theaters on May 25, 2018.  Given the tight security on the set, we may have to wait until then to find out what sort of “funky character” Clint Howard is playing this time.


*To be fair to both Howards, if you were in a position of authority and had the ability to assist your own brother, wouldn’t you try? Yes, nepotism is a problem in Hollywood, but it’s certainly not the biggest one, and familial bonds are important too. Here at Krypton Radio, we try to treat every member of our staff as though they were family, and we would hope that those working in Hollywood try their best to do the same for their own. Finding the balance is the tricky part, and Clint has never been awarded a major role this way – so yes, it’s nepotism, but in the smallest degree. – Ed.