Let’s shove off, shall we?

Hey, strangers!  Long time, no see!  I hope you’ve been doing well!  Thanks for joining me for another edition of Four-Color Bullet!

Well, after rather nasty rounds of colds for the Missus and bronchitis for me, the Price Family is on the mend and ready to enjoy and talk about some cool four-color entertainment!

Here’s what’s on the pull list this time around:

Writer: Christopher Priest Artist: Phil Noto Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino Writer: Ryan North (Lockjaw Backup Story) Artist: Gustavo Duarte (Lockjaw Backup Story)




“ENOUGH!” – Black Bolt

Welcome to the beginnings of the Inhumans’ Royal Family, before Black Bolt was king, before Maximus was The Mad, when Medusa was simply of the Royal Family, and Lockjaw was the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen!  Such a face!

The young princes, Black Bolt and Maximus, are overseeing the newly created stone monument to the current King of the Inhumans with said King, who has become leader after the tragic deaths of the princes’ parents, Agon and Rynda, until they are of age.  A murder attempt is made on the King and his party by Dkamas, an Alpha Primitive, who leads a group of other Alphas.  The arrows raining on the Royal party have neural inhibitors, taking away all of the party’s abilities.  While Maximus retaliates and eventually kills Dkamas, Black Bolt discovers the limitations of the neural attack and manages to subdue the renegades.  When the King regains consciousness, Maximus presents to him the body of the Alpha Primitive.  The King, expressing gratitude, bestows his thanks… on Black Bolt.  However, there is another Alpha Primitive that is working behind the scenes, and he will be more helpful and vital to the Royal Family than they can realize.

Intrigue, deception, morality, and a trip to “Wonderland” are all a part of this story, and Christopher Priest sets up the players fairly well.  When it comes to “prequel stories,” I can take them or leave them.  Considering how often character’s histories are ret-conned, prequels are best left as stories of the time; an interpretation, if you will.  Besides, with an “Inhumans” TV show waiting in the wings, the stories we see may change, depending on how the show does in the ratings.

Each issue of the series will include a 2-page story. This issue’s story features Lockjaw. The Missus and I have already decided that when we get our house our first two dogs will be a pitbull named Lockjaw and a Puli named Cthulhu. Because we can.

Writers: Pablo Raimondi & Klaus Janson Art: Pablo Raimondi Colors: Chris Chuckry Letters: Sebastian Girner




“Two days from now, a man who you haven’t met yet is going to give you a dagger.  Later that same evening, you will use that dagger.  You will use it to kill someone.”

Josh Miller is a nice guy, has a beautiful girlfriend, a baby on the way, and a good job prospect in his sights as curator of a prestigious museum.  So how does he find himself a murderer, an adulterer, and on the run from the police, all in just a matter of a week?  And who is the Father Adrian?

Josh has been chosen to be a pawn by a very ancient family.  A really, REALLY ancient family.  And each member of the family destroys Josh’s life in their own unique and sinister way.

This is a tremendous telling of the classic Good versus Evil story, and you’ll know exactly what I mean when you get yourself a copy.  The story and art are fantastic.  Pablo Raimondi’s art, to me, is reminicent of Paul Gulacy, and I can never say no to a Klaus Janson story.

Creator & Writer: Bill Willingham Art: Mark Dos Santos Colors: Salvatore Aiala Letters: Thomas Mauer Cover: Jen Bartel




“Clear yourselves a place to sit.  Get comfortable.  Hear my story, young rogues.  I promise you, it’s a pisser.”

One minute young Lark was running from a Walgreen’s clerk after he caught her shoplifting, then suddenly she found herself running for her life from a man wearing a bloody apron and weilding an ax, a young thug, and a rather eloquent ogre, all looking to end her life.  Lark manages to escape, find and retain a swordsman for hire, who dispatches her three assailants.

Oh, did I mention that Lark’s story was being relayed to a decendent of the hired swordsman, one hundred years later, and by a very jolly dragon, sitting on a mountain of skeletons?

Ah, Bill Willingham!  This should be a fun ride!

Mission Briefing: Antony Johnson Hidden Cameras:Shari Chankhamma Transcript: Simon Bowland External Staging: Shari Chankhamma, Becky Cloonan




“Ghost stations were intel and listening bases.  When the Soviets abandoned them after the Cold War, they left stacks of files and data behind…”

The team behind Codename Baboushka – Mission 1: The Conclave of Death is back with another story on James Bond-like action and thrills!  This mission takes Baboushka to the Swiss Alps, to follow up on information leading to the location of a Soviet Ghost Station.  Her employers have found quite a few of them over the years, but lately someone has been beating them to the punch.  Baboushka’s mission is to pick up where another agent who’s gone dark left off, and find the station.

I missed Mission 1, and this issue has grabbed me enough to go and pick it up.  If you’re into a good 007-ish story, give this one a go.

Okay, that’s it for now.  I’ll keep an eye out for you on Wednesdays, and let me know what books you’re into.  I love adding cool books to my pull list.  Until next time…