We’ve never posted a casting notice before now, as it turns out – but this one is kind of special.

If you’ve been following our social media or avidly reading the Krypton Radio web site, you might have noticed the success of our Kickstarter for Mighty Aphrodite!, our new animated web series that fully funded in just a little bit over one full day. (Yes, we’re very proud of that.)

This casting notice (and there will be more later) is for Kauket, the Egyptian Goddess of Twilight. Say hi, Kauket.

Kauket says hi!

Kauket and Aphrodite are besties, so she’ll be a recurring character. She’ll be turning up in Aphrodite stories every month or so once we get everything running steady. We’re looking for somebody with a smokey but youthful voice to play her. Ideal applicants will be local to the Los Angeles area and not averse to driving to the San Fernando Valley for recording sessions, but if you have your own recording equipment (and by this we mean a real quality microphone and a noise-free environment in which to record) we can work with you remotely.

Is there pay? Well – yes, there is. It’s a very small amount, because we’re funding production through a series of Kickstarters. You’re not going to be paying your bills from this. It’s enough, though, so that you can say you’ve been paid to do voice-over work. This is a very hard business to break into, and to be able to say that on your resume’ can be pretty huge. 

How to Audition

We’d like you to make a recording and send it to us, along with your full name and other information about you that you think we should know. Attachments are okay. Send us a link to the recording you’ve made where your recording lives on a web site, Dropbox, or Google Drive, or just send the recording itself. The subject line should be “KAUKET”. (It’s pronounced the same as the French word “coquette”, by the way.)

You must be 18 or older to apply, or with your parent or guardian’s permission and cooperation, because somehow we have to be able to pay you. Pay is done via PayPal.

Here’s the dialog we’d like you to record:


I know, right? We hadn’t even been out on our first date, we got married, and then it’s off to the Land of the Dead. I mean, what kind of life was that supposed to be? I’d just gotten married, and I didn’t even know him that well, and then boom. Dead.

If you have different ideas of what Kauket should sound like, try two or three different deliveries. 

Email your audition to submissions@kryptonradio.com. The application deadline is midnight,  August 17, 2018.

What Might Happen

The idea behind Mighty Aphrodite! is to create enough episodes to go to the film festival circuit with it, and attract enough attention with it to get the funding we need to make longer episodes and keep the magic going. If that happens, you’d be invited along for the ride, and your career could really take off.

There are no guarantees, of course, because nothing in life comes with them. Except maybe your washing machine. But the potential is there, and we hope you’ll join us in this great crazy experiment to see if a bunch of fans can make something wonderful that everyone will love.

Here’s the first episode of Mighty Aphrodite! so you can get a feel for the material. Good luck!


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