DC Universe, the streaming service dedicated to everything DC, is set to make its debut on September 15, 2018, coinciding with DC’s self-declared “Batman Day”. Through the new service, fans will be able to read some of the best comics DC has to offer, and watch both classic and new shows and movies based on DC’s characters. The live action series Titans and the much anticipated third season of  the animated series Young Justice, now titled Young Justice: Outsiders, both serve to entice new subscribers. Also included in the line up is DC Daily, a news program, giving you the latest from the world of DC, in print, on film, and beyond.

Clip From Young Justice: Outsiders

Although the streaming service is making its debut soon, fans will have to wait a bit for the new shows being produced for the service. Young Justice: Outsiders will be making it’s debut in 2019, but you will be able to watch the first two seasons of the series once the service launches.

Titans, based on the Teen Titans comic, will debut on October 12th, though if you’re attending the New York Comic Con, Warner Brothers Television will be hosting a special screening of the premiere episode on October 3rd. The first season of the series will consist of twelve episodes.

The DC Daily news program, filmed at a 21,000 square foot studio built exclusively for the show, will be hosted by Tiffany Smith, and will have several talents lined up as co-hosts, including John Barrowman, Samm Levine, Harley Quinn Smith (daughter of director Kevin Smith), Hector Navarro, just to name a few. Segments of the program will also be made available for non-subscribers on other sites, such as YouTube.

The program will  have the following segments:

  • “Headlines”, for daily news briefs;
  • “Reports”, for an in-depth interview or look at an upcoming book, film, or television series; and
  • “Talk”, for panel discussions.

Comics available on the service will include the first appearances of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. In addition, titles such as Batman: Gothic, The New Teen Titans, Shazam, Green Arrow: Year One, The Authority series, and Jack Kirby’s New Gods were just some of the titles announced to be made available at launch.

In addition to Titans, other series announced to come to the service are Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol series is set as a spin-off of Titans, and will feature Joivan Wade as Cyborg, April Browby as Elasti-Girl, Dianne Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele/RobotMan, Alan Tudyk as the villainous Mr. Nobody, and, recently announced, Timothy Dalton as Dr. Niles Caulder, aka “The Chief”.

Fans will also have the opportunity to shop for DC collectibles, as well as connect with other DC fans through the service. Fans who pre-order the service before Wednesday, September 12 (5:59 AM PT) will automatically be entered in the Ultimate Batman Studio Tour Sweepstakes, which will include a tour of Warner Brothers Burbank Studio, a tour of the DC offices, ride in the Batmobile, and walk away with an amazing prize package.

DC Universe will carry the price of $7.99 a month, or $74.99 annually.   Fans will be able to view it online, as well as other streaming devices, including IOS and Android devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Google Chromecast.

For more information about the new service, check out their website. https://www.dcuniverse.com


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