This week’s episode of The Event Horizon here on Krypton Radio features a special guest (and long-time Krypton Radio fan): the one and only Santa Claus. Join us at 4 pm Pacific this Saturday as host Gene Turnbow engages Santa True, one of the most iconic embodiments of the spirit of the jolly old elf, in a discussion about the life and times of St. Nikolas.

I believe that I have been honored. The roles of Santa Claus and Father Christmas come with a responsibility to be joyous, to be professional, to help create magic, trust, and wonderful memories. As a traditional storyteller, singer, and performer, it is my goal to be the best Santa ever. But more importantly, to help everyone who meets me have that moment of imagination and fun. Truly.

It’s an amazing job: so much fascinating history, so many wonderful people. The best part is interacting with the children and the young at heart. To see that smile, to get that hug, to share a whisper. It is a very special journey.

Being the “Big Man” requires a ton of work to do it right. Schools, insurance, background checks, training, scheduling, expensive costuming, and a lot of time spent with hair specialists, to make things look just right. It is a calling. But every time a person looks over their shoulder or over a chair and their eyes grow wide, that is simply magic.

– Santa True

Showtimes are:

Saturday & Sunday, 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern / 12 am GMT 
Thursday & Following Saturday, 4 am Pacific / 7 am Eastern / 12 pm GMT

Whatever your culture or faith, there’s something special about the idea of selfless giving. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone!


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