Time Boys is a family-friendly time travel movie about four brothers who "borrow" their father's time machine,
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Saturday I had the privilege of attending a viewing of a rough cut of Time BoysTime Boys, written and directed by Randall Terry, is an independent tome travel film.  Since the current version is far too long, Mr.Terry invited cast members to his home to watch and critique a rough cut.  (I was an extra in the 1908 county fair scene.)

Time Boys is going to be a family-friendly film.  If you’re tired of Hollywood blockbusters that toss the F-bomb around like confetti, or find it impossible to film action scenes without blood and gore, you might look forward to Time Boys.  There’s no swearing and the only violence is juvenile fisticuffs, usually the O’Neill boys trying to teach a bully a lesson.

Possible Spoilers

Josiah O’Neil (played by Randall Terry, Voice of Resistance) is an Irish immigrant and an inventor.  Having lost his beloved wife Angela, he has invented a time machine in to attempt to go forward to the future when better medicine will theoretically exist, then go to the past before Angela died to save her life. 

Unfortunately, O’Neill has two major problems.  While attempting to save the life of a woman who’s already dead and buried, he’s ignoring his four sons: Theodore, Alan, Josiah, and William.  Also, his investor, Jethro Hawkins (played by Johnny McPhail, Free State of Jones, Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies) wants a financial return on his investment.  A minor problem, some of the townsfolk think he’s “bat-scat crazy.”  His priest thinks his experiments are dangerous and against the will of God.

Krypton Radio Staff Writer Susan Macdonals and Johnny McPhail (Jethro Hawkins in TIME BOYS)
Ktypton Radio staff writer Susan Macdonald and Johnny McPhail (Jethro Hawkins in TIME BOYS)

The four O’Neill boys (played by director/scriptwriter Randall Terry’s real life sons) accidentally activate their father’s time machine and wind up in 2018.  Their clothing and speech patterns make them conspicuous.  Luckily, they are befriended by Michael and Gwen, two 21st century teenagers.  Gwen lives in their old home with her grandfather, Josiah O’Neill (also played by Randall Tery), and is in fact, a descendant.  [They built houses to last back then.] The rest of the movie focuses on the four brothers’ reaction to life in the future and attempting to get home where/when they belong.  Rebuilding their father’s time machine is expensive, so they enter a Battle of the Bands contest to earn the prize money.

Editing is a long, slow process, so there is no ETA yet on when the movie will be ready for theatrical release.  When it is ready, it won’t be a major Hollywood blockbuster with George Lucas-style special effects.  O’Neal being an Irish immigrant, he and his sons (and to a lesser extant, his great-grandson) are devout Catholics.  Religion is an integral part of the movie.  At least one person attending the rough cut viewing with me thought the religious aspects were too heavy-handed.  Keeping in mind that this is a limited budget, independent film, are you interested in seeing Time Boys when it’s released?  I recommend it, and not just because I’m an extra.  The movie is worth watching for the music alone.