I’d just like to start this review with a sincere thanks to Big Finish from all at Krypton Radio for allowing us to be a new official reviewer for their audio releases, and this was a great story to start on!

Veteran Doctor Who actor Fraser Hines played the companion Jamie during the Patrick Troughton era.
Veteran Doctor Who actor Fraser Hines played the companion Jamie during the Patrick Troughton era.

Narrated by Frazer Hines, this adventure sees the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria on Venus. The Doctor is keen to learn some Venusian Aikido, which might come in handy in some tough situations his words fail to get them out of. A problem arises when the TARDIS is taken and the only way to get it back is by Jamie and Victoria taking part in some very difficult physical challenges to win the Drex Olympics. The Venusians, being far superior in strength, they don’t stand a chance. Somehow, though, they seem to do very well – So well in fact it has the Doctor worried.

It goes without saying that by now Frazer Hines is not only great as the character of Jamie after playing it for decades but he’s also a flawless Second Doctor and with some clever writing by Paul Ebbs and directing by Lisa Bowerman he even gets to bring some of Patrick Troughton’s physical acting to life in audio form. The story itself is great and such a fun idea. As with most of the Short Trips range, it manages to do a lot in little time to tell a full story in about half an hour. This is one of the occasions I would have loved to hear a full story out of such a good concept, but I’d rather be left wanting more than less. I also love that they put in some fun ideas about the origins of skills the Doctor has, as with the Aikido. I’d never think to include it in a story, but it’s such a nice nod to where his future self obtained this oft-used skill.

You can buy this fun listen now on download for just £2.99 now at https://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/doctor-who-short-trips-year-of-the-drex-olympics-1926.

Fraser Hines records dialog for both the characters of Jamie and of Patrick Troughton’s Doctor for a Big Finish Productions audio recording.