The song is Starlight Brigade, by a band called TWRP (“Tupper Ware Remix Party”), and features Dan Avidan of the Game Grumps. It tells the story of a young girl who has always felt the lure of something greater than herself, and comes of age when she discovers that she is the master of an alien spacecraft that answers her every command. You would think that this music video was made by some fan, edited together from some popular cult classic anime series.

And surprisingly, that’s where you would be wrong.

First, watch and enjoy this amazing anime music video (use the radio playback control at the upper right to pause the Krypton Radio stream before you play the video) and afterwards, we’ll explain everything.

The animation was actually the work of an international team of animators calling themselves Knights of the Light Table. The team is led by Patrick Stannard, who is credited as producer on the music video. India Swift was the director, with Michael Doig as art director, Elle Power as lead animator and character and ship designer, and Noitibmar as lead FX animator as well as another character and ship designer.

The song Starlight Brigade itself is from the band’s album Together Through Timeavailable via the band’s website. Avidan provided the vocals for the song and wrote the lyrics.

We know it was created just for this one song, but it’s mesmerizing. We can totally see this as a pilot for a Netflix series, and we would binge-watch the heck out of it.

What do you think? Should Knights of the Light Table pitch this as a series?

Oh, you can turn the Krypton Radio music stream back on now. Just saying.