Walden Grove High School of Sahuarita, Arizona has a team of heroes of its own. Called the PAC Dance Team, and under the direction of Assembly Choreographer and Head Coach Kristi Lopez, they gave a seven-minute long performance at the school’s Homecoming Assembly. Nearly the entire character cast of comic book heroes featured in Avengers: Endgame are represented, with the dance number following the major plot points of the film. The dancers are all well costumed, and battle Thanos and his minions.

Naturally, The Avengers win.

The music is a heart-pumping montage of songs, featuring clips from Lil Jon’s Snap Yo Fingers, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland’s 4 Minutes, the Beastie Boys Intergalactic, and dialogue from the films.

Pause the Krypton Radio music stream using the controller at the upper right while you watch this. (Just so you know, this is well worth the seven minutes it takes to watch it.)

This is the same dance team that took their Wizard Of Oz-themed dance number to America’s Got Talent for an audition. Then, last year they hit the gym for Homecoming with their Harry Potter-inspired dance. The video for that currently has nearly 11 million views on YouTube. This one has been out only two days and already has half a million.

If there are any talent scouts looking for the Next Big Thing, or the Next Great Choreographer, they could do worse than hopping a plane to Arizona to go talk to these talented kids and their impressive mentor, Ms. Lopez.

Krypton Radio loves the PAC Dance Team. An amazing job, everyone.

  • Choreographer/Head Coach: Kristi Lopez (klopez@sahuarita.net) featuring Carlos Quihuiz
  • Storyboard: Kayla Brown, Cori Anderson, Charlize DeLeon
  • Assistant Coach : Amber Detamore
  • Videographer: Alejandro Davalos (jandro@boeandhux.com)
  • Shout outs: Carlos Quihuiz, Kathya Quihuiz, Cori Anderson, Keiri Palacios
  • Inquiries: klopez@sahuarita.net or amber.detamore@sahuarita.net
  • Instagram: @pacdanceteam