The first season of Netflix’s Lost in Space series reboot introduced a William Robinson who, by rights, shouldn’t have been on the exploration mission. His mother cheated his test scores so that he’d pass. It turned out to be a lucky thing she did, because he and only he has been able to connect to the Robot on an emotional level, stopping it when it could have destroyed them all.

Now in Season 2, they pick up where they left off from Season 1’s cliffhanger. They’ve traveled to the home world of the alien robots (of whom their own Robot is one), and it’s appropriately called “Danger”.

The new trailer dropped at New York Comic Con 2019 this Saturday at the panel for the show. Pause the Krypton Radio stream using the handy controller at the upper right while you watch.

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Lost in Space made its first appearance on CBS in 1965 as a science fiction dramatic series. The first season of it was in black and white, with the subsequent three seasons being in color. It quickly dropped the serious tone when it added color in 1966, and the quality of the show’s writing got sillier and sillier until it was more or less a clownish version of its former glory.

The show was cited as the reason CBS did not want to pick up the original Star Trek series (“we already have a sci-fi show”), so in 1966 NBC broadcast Star Trek instead.

The original series assured the careers of Jonathan Harris, Billy Mumy and the rest of the cast, who would be forever associated with the hit show.

The new series may have a similar effect on its new cast. With its seriously updated visual effects and a more galactic story arc, it is capturing the imagination of a whole new generation.

Here’s the current cast:

Molly ParkerMaureen Robinson
Toby StephensJohn Robinson
Maxwell JenkinsWill Robinson
Taylor RussellJudy Robinson
Mina SundwallPenny Robinson
Ignacio SerricchioDon West
Parker PoseyJune Harris / Dr. Smith
Brian SteeleThe Robot

The new season of Lost In Space premieres December 24th on Netflix.